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Adopta Configuration Authentication

Question asked by jadavis101699 on Aug 28, 2018



I require some assistance configuring an authentication geoprocessing service.

I downloaded the Adopta widget and am adapting it for hydrants and will be employing WAB Developers Edition 2.9.

I have published a corresponding hosted feature layer.

With my AdoptaHydrant.mxd open, I opened ArcCatalog, right-clicked on the AuthGP model and chose Edit to open the supplied script for editing as directed (please see attached graphic for reference).

When the dialog box opens I was able to successfully edit User Table, User email field, Team field, User Token Field, Token Date Field, Token Validity Time, Asset Layer URL, Asset Layer Portal URL, Signup email template and Login Email Template based on the nice instructions.

However, I am a little confused regarding what I should enter regarding these components...Asset Layer Username, Asset Layer Password, From Email Address, Signup Email Subject Line, Login Email Subject Line, SMTP Server, SMTP Username, and SMTP Password.

Can someone please provide some insight?


Thank you.