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What happened to the Non-Linear Segment Check in Data Reviewer?

Question asked by tpcolson Champion on Aug 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2019 by tpcolson

In Arc Map, a very necessary and required feature of Data Reviewer is the Non-Linear Segment Check. This is critical when moving what I call "hokey" geometries through the pipes and levers to ArcGIS Server, and supporting clients that don't support editing true-curve geometries (another requirement). What is especially handy is that this, and many other standard checks, run "out of the box" without requiring the set up of a reviewer workspace, etc....just pick your off-the-shelf check, and run it against the entire geodatabase. In Pro, no such check. In fact, almost none of the standard checks are present in Data Reviewer (yes I'm licensed for it). Surely there's a check box that needs to be turned on that I'm missing....