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Editing layers in Portal makes WAB unresponsive

Question asked by shital on Aug 27, 2018
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I have groups of layers (categorized per City's departments) in mxd that we publish through the ArcGIS server. These layers are managed in Portal and are consumed by an app made through Web AppBuilder (WAB) developer edition. There are about ten of these layer groups and each group contains 5-10 layers inside them. For example, I have 'Engineering' group that has 13 layers and 'Planning' group layer that has 8 layers within them. I had to group them in mxd itself because Esri doesn't let me group them at Portal tier. This is a problem in itself but for some other day.   
Lately, when I rename or change the order of these layers in Portal, the entire group becomes unresponsive in WAB but works fine in Portal. For. e.g by changing the name of 'sound wall' layer into uppercase made all the layers under 'Engineering' unresponsive. But this only happens in one group of layers i.e. 'Engineering'  group of layers and not in 'Planning' or 'Economic Development' group of layers.
I have been getting around this problem by re-adding the service REST URL in the portal. This new web layer works fine but I have to redo all the symbology and pop-up configuration once again. And again someday when I change the layer order or rename the layers, I encounter the same problem. 
I know it sounds very 'environment' specific problem and perhaps that is why I have not been able to get a solution even with Esri support. But if anyone out there has witnessed anything similar, or has a solution, I would really appreciate if you could share with me. 
Shital Dhakal 'Al', GISP