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Images "stuck" in Cascade map, unable to remove....

Question asked by KWright_ljb on Aug 24, 2018

I created a Cascade story map several months ago, visible here: 


A few days ago I found out that many of the images and links I had in the map had changed when a source website was updated. Those broken links appeared as "issues" in the story map builder that I had to resolve. While I was able to resolve 17 of 20 problems, I have three images that appear to be "stacked" on top of each other under the Fellowship Alliance Chapel section and I am unable to remove them

I am also unable to remove the section they are embedded in. When I mouse over the images, the delete and move buttons appear at the upper right of the images, but the buttons disappear when I move the mouse to try to click them. 


My question is: how can I remove these images or this section without having to re-create the entire application? As is, it doesn't look good, it looks cheap, and this is a marketing tool for our A&E firm. 


Any ideas are appreciated.