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Connector for 6443 not added in tomcat after installation of ArcGIS server

Question asked by jlunse on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by jlunse

I'm installing ArcGIS server on a Windows Server 2012:

  1. Download ArcGIS Server 10.4.1 from www.MyEsri.
  2. Start the installation and enter the MS Window's admin user as the user to run the ArcGIS service. (I select the Windows admin user to make sure that there is no missing file read & write permission issues. I have also tested the installation with entering arcgis as user, but it also fails as described below.)
  3. Authorize as ArcGIS as a Server Standard Workgroup 10.4.1.
  4. Next, is to create the site, but before doing that...
  5. a command window in Windows and enter netstat -a
  6. Notice that the port 6080 is open.
  7. Notice that the port 6443 is not open.
  8. Open the file C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\framework\runtime\tomcat\conf\server.xml in a text editor.
  9. Scroll down and notice that there is no connector for the port 6443.
  10. Try to create a site and notice that it fails (shows an error) indicating that the port 6443 is not open.



I also tested the same with a Windows Server 2012 R2, and it worked fine:

  • Port 6443 is open after installation of ArcGIS server.
  • Connector is added in file C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\framework\runtime\tomcat\conf\server.xml
  • It's possible to create a site without any error.


Any idea why ArcGIS installation 10.4.1 fails to open port 6443 on a Windows 2012 server, as described above?