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Batch process to Clip Raster by Polygon

Question asked by jfritz on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by jfritz

I'm not a python script writer thus the question. What's needed is a script that will do the following:


  • Run a definition query for each record in a polygon shapefile called "LineBuf.shp" on an attribute field named "LINENUM". (There are 441 unique records).
  • For each unique polygon, run a raster clip on "MN_DEM3second", the raster dataset. The option to "Use Input Features for Clipping Geometry" should be selected.
  • The file name of the resultant raster layer (in ESRI grid format) for each record should be the value of "LINENUM" (from the original definition query).
  • The script should create 441 raster layers.