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webgisdr not creating backups in us-west-2 region

Question asked by gyadav_c1 on Aug 23, 2018
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To fulfill the disaster recovery requirements. I have a deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 on us-east-1 and us-west-2 regions. Also setup a cron job to create nightly backups of ArcGIS enterprise using webgisdr utility into the S3 buckets in respective regions. It works just fine in us-east-1 region. But in us-west-2 region it fails with following error:



Starting the WebGIS DR utility.



Unable to get the S3 endpoint from the specified region us-west-2.

Check to make sure us-west-2 is a valid region.


Exiting the WebGIS DR utility.


I have two S3 buckets deployed in both regions us-east-1 & us-west-2 with cross region replication. In east region ArcGIS Enterprise writes backups to us-east-1 and west region ArcGIS Enterprise deployment writes to us-west-2 region.


From ArcGIS Enterprise EC2 instances in us-west-2 region, I can access s3 buckets through aws s3 cli. 


Any thoughts?