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When I set the FieldType column to null, there is still a field created, it is just blank with no data.

Question asked by brandon.adcock_CDPHDATA on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by brandon.adcock_CDPHDATA

I saw a blog post recently on setting thebind::esri:fieldType to null.  My understanding is that this allows for questions that are on the survey, but not recorded to the database (in my case, it is a set of validation questions that tell whether or not to proceed). 


When I set the bind::esri:fieldType to null, it still creates a field in the responses collected by the form, except this field is always blank.  Is there a way to not have the field added at all, that way there will not be an extra column that is always blank?  I'm trying to line up to an existing data scheme and it's throwing things off.