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How to engage other GIS colleagues?

Question asked by seima on Aug 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by seima

I work as a consultant and most of my colleagues are off at various client sites (as am I), we rarely get a chance to engage and share information about what we are working on. I see great value in leaning on one another and building a company community. I have started some research and started documenting tips for engaging meetings where attendees actively participate.  Please share some suggestions or experiences.


  • Ask questions
  • Define roles - facilitator, note taker, scheduler
  • Provide snacks (Probably not since most will be virtual meetings)
  • Show appreciation for attendance and participation
  • Follow-up communication, meeting notes, keep people engaged
  • Ice breakers - create GIS specific ones?
  • Have guest speakers
  • You’ll need some advance publicity, enticing meeting announcements, and some teasers on what they’ll miss if they don’t turn up. 
  • Before each meeting, consider each topic and who you would like to hear from on the subject.
  • When you introduce each topic, be specific about what input you are looking for.