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Transfer point at Multi-modal Transportation Network

Question asked by PradyutSamanta on Aug 24, 2018






Bus Route: A--B--C--D,          Junction: B          Bus Stop: A, C, D


One person starts journey from E point by car and follows the path E--B--C to reach at bus stop C, where he/she takes the bus to reach the destination D.

In the above stated scenario, passenger transfer between those modes has to be only at node C (i.e. bus stop); not at node B (i.e. junction). How to differentiate between node B and node C?


I followed Exercise 2: Creating a multimodal network dataset—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop  for solving the problem. But the transfer is occurring at the point B in spite of creating two connectivity groups for two different feature class (i.e. car & bus). I took AB, BC, CD, BE as separate links for each feature class and created one feature class for bus stop which is shared by both the connectivity groups for transfer.


Thank you for your response.