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Copy & Paste Attributes

Question asked by Daryl.Hochhalter on Aug 23, 2018

Twice in the last couple weeks I've been editing as usual and the copy & paste attribute feature seems to develop a mind of it's own. Instead of pasting the attributes to the selected feature, it pastes an entirely new feature. Usually directly under the feature I copied attributes for, but in some cases randomly somewhere close by, and perhaps a partial shape.


Any Ideas on what might cause this kind of strange behavior?  It seems to clear up again if I shutdown my computer for awhile. It may only be occurring after I have used the attribute transfer tool in the same edit session. Maybe need to just file a bug on this?


ArcGIS Desktop 10.4 Advanced on Windows 10, editing an enterprise database.


Ok, so I was wrong on the computer restart. The issue seems to be in the MXD file. I restarted the computer and had the same issue, so copied the layers to a new MXD and copy paste attributes seems to function as expected again. Not sure what is causing this strange behavior in the first place. Was editing with the original MXD for months now, suddenly an issue and pretty sure I've used the Attribute transfer tool before this morning.