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Keeping statistics with multi-field dissolving

Question asked by briochamsley on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2018 by Dan_Patterson


I have a tram-track layer with many single segments I want to dissolve by multiple fields, e.g. by tramline-number and if its a single-track or double-track segment of the tram. So alle the single-track parts of line 1 as one feature, all double track parts of line 1 as another feature, single track for line 2, double track for line 2 and so on. Choosing both fields (line number and Track type) as dissolving fields works fine for aggregation (no multipart-features).

But not for the statistics. I also want to sum the number of signals along each new feature. so I used the "number of signals" field in my attribute table as a statistic field, type sum. But the result is the same number of signals for each part of line 1, so single track for line 1 --> 16 signals, double track for line 1 --> 16 signals. But there are 16 signals along the whole line 1, it should be single track for line 1 --> 6 signals, double track for line 1 --> 10 signals.

Does someone know how to fix this? (it's not only those two lines, so I can't do it manually...)

Thanks in advance