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Parcel Drafter service - hosted=bad?

Question asked by kmeinert on Aug 23, 2018

Here's the situation:  Deployed Parcel Drafter to our Portal using Hosted option.  Got it working.  Now I need to be able to see the Parcel Drafter service in ArcMap to use it as a backdrop for bringing those parcels in.  We map our parcels on Amazon workspaces with a log-in that is not our enterprise log-in, it's one we made via Amazon.  We were lagging behind in Desktop versions, so I upgraded to 10.6.1, which allowed me to add a Portal to the ArcGIS administrator.


Because we normally use enterprise log-ins to access our Portal, we made a "Public" log-in with it's own password for situations such as these, I can sign in as that to Portal in ArcMap and I can see things that are shared appropriately.


All of the above information may be moot, but I wanted to include it just in case. The issue is, when I try to add the service to ArcMap, nothing happens, it doesn't add it, no error message.  I can see it everywhere else just fine, ArcPro, Portal, ArcOnline...but Desktop can't seem to handle it.  Do I need to backtrack and store this data in SDE in a more traditional way for ArcMap to be able to see it?  Am I missing something really simple here?  I can add other feature services that are older and published from our SDE database, but not this one.


Hosted/ParcelDrafter (FeatureServer)