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Labelling Features in WPF Application

Question asked by manishs on Aug 22, 2018


I am trying to label features of my map which I created importing shapefile in WPF application but I tried the following code in XAML but no luck. instead of using serviceUri in the following code I used locally stored map on my drive.

<esri:FeatureLayer ID="Cities" >    <esri:ServiceFeatureTable ServiceUri=""/>    <esri:FeatureLayer.Labeling>        <esri:LabelProperties IsEnabled="True">            <esri:AttributeLabelClass TextExpression="[areaname]" LabelPlacement="PointAboveCenter">                <esri:TextSymbol Color="white">                    <esri:SymbolFont FontFamily="Segoe" FontSize="14" FontWeight="Bold"/>                </esri:TextSymbol>            </esri:AttributeLabelClass>        </esri:LabelProperties>    </esri:FeatureLayer.Labeling></esri:FeatureLayer>

What are the possible fixes?#