UK Government Definition of Geospatial Data Types

Discussion created by spk578 on Aug 23, 2018

The UK Government put out a call for feedback on their first National Geospatial Strategy document. You can find this attached. In this document there are various questions they are looking for feedback on. 


This is the first question refers to definitions.


The definitions of Geospatial Data:


1. Geospatial data: Information where place is a key feature of its source and/or purpose for which it is used.


2. Positional data: Groups of individual datasets that usually have location as a secondary purpose, and which describes activity or physical assets grounded in a particular place.

3. Geospatial identifiers: Data that provides the means of anchoring positional data to core geospatial data.


4. Geospatial services: Higher-level insights and products, often involving layers of various types of spatial information.


Q1 Is our view [the Geospatial Commission] of the geospatial data types accurate, if not what should be included or excluded from this?


Any thoughts? Lets discuss below....