Attribute Rules vs. Attribute Assistant

Discussion created by jeffburton on Aug 22, 2018
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Hello GeoNet Community,


Lately I have been adding additional roadways to our SDE road network layer and the Attribute Assistant (AA) has played a large part of this effort while using ArcMap 10.x.  Unfortunately ArcMap slows to a crawl and occasionally crashes while editing the road feature class.  I would like to use ArcPro for this editing but it does not appear that the Attribute Rules (AR) have the same capabilities.  The SDE database is versioned and different several agencies are editing this data.  With the AA, each agency can have their own table with rules customized to their needs and can be stored outside the sde database.  Is this the case with AR?  Why did i read that once AR are created, the data cannot be used in ArcMap?  I am not the owner of the enterprise database so I do not have write access to the database.  Is this necessary to make rules?  With AA you can also retroactively apply rules but I read this is not possible with AR.  Is there a webinar or other training session that compares the two tools?  I've read the help but some topics seem too vague.  I just need AR to do what AA does.


Thoughts, suggestions anyone?


Thanks Bob