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Search Widget moved and corrupts parcel boundary searches in WebApp Builder in Dashboard Theme

Question asked by GIS_Valley_County on Aug 22, 2018

Hello Everyone,


I created a public web map application using hosted feature services in the dashboard theme template of web app builder which has been live for many months now. I have not changed the formatting or the template in all of this time, however this morning I opened it and for some reason the search bar has moved from the top right of the screen to the top left of the screen. This means that it is now covering the other widget button options, such as basemaps, print, select, measure, etc. There is definitely enough space for it to remain in the upper right hand corner, especially considering I have not altered the size of the side panels and there were no issues previously.


I think this might be a back-end search widget issue? When I search for a parcel now, it will zoom to the parcel and create a box or line that is nondescript and does not reflect the actual shape of the parcel itself. It creates this shape or line with the same symbology as the parcel master layer! And then when I click on the new shape, it gives me the parcel boundary pop up information and when I click on the parcel area itself, it does not tell me anything. It's like the map has re-created the shape and moved it entirely out of place from where it had originally existed. It is very strange. I have attempted the following without any success:


  • Turn off search widget in web app builder edit window, save, refresh, turn on search widget, save, refresh web app builder map
  • Remove Parcel Boundaries from map service, save, refresh, re-add parcel boundaries, re-format, save, refresh web app builder map
  • Re-publish the parcel boundaries from the original mxd and overwrite the existing hosted feature service, re-add feature service to map service, re-format, save, refresh web app builder map
  • Create a new mxd of parcel boundaries, publish a new hosted feature service, add to map service, re-format, save, refresh web app builder map
  • I created a new web app builder map application and the search bar will actually add to the upper right where it should be, however the search will still zoom and create the nondescript shapes appearing in the parcel boundary symbology


Does anyone have any suggestions?