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ArcHydro Stormwater Adjoint Catchment Processing Stuck in Endless Loop

Question asked by zieglerhm_CDMSmith on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2018 by cdartiguenave-esristaff

I am having some issues with Adjoint Catchment Processing (step 4.14) following the Arc Hydro Stormwater guide V2 found here. I've checked and confirmed that no sink point features are located on top of stream grid cells after step 4.5. After noticing that the drainage line GridID did not match the ouput link raster GridID, I manually adjusted them to match. I also noticed that DrainID was null within the Drainage Lines featureclass, so I did a spatial join to join the HydroID from the basins - this did nothing as they are automatically reset to null values each time the Adjoint Catchment Processing tool is run. On step 4.15, the Adjoint Catchment Processing tool runs without error but gets stuck in an endless loop outputting the message without end:


"Level 1: Processing 9 drainage line(s) with no associated catchment..."


I had let it run for 30 minutes before stopping as the messages had not changed and been repeated over 500 times.


Thank you for reading, any help or pointers are greatly appreciated!