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Discussion created by jfaron44 on Aug 22, 2018
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I am having an issue with the sign in page that is generated if/when a user clicks the link to a created Site, in the event the user is not currently logged into Portal. This is the case even if or when the user is an administrator and added to the Sites Admin group. The problem is the button in the login page that is generated does not activate a function, and the console error in chrome is 

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'clientKey' of null
at u.gatewaySignin (opendata-ui-834ba49e1f3cbccc6d14184a2e4ee040.js:60)
at u.w (vendor-e045f76605d11474c6326ad1d1207b60.js:4041)
at h (vendor-e045f76605d11474c6326ad1d1207b60.js:5174)
at N.trigger (vendor-e045f76605d11474c6326ad1d1207b60.js:5346)
at u.send (vendor-e045f76605d11474c6326ad1d1207b60.js:3974)
at u.send (vendor-e045f76605d11474c6326ad1d1207b60.js:4205)
at vendor-e045f76605d11474c6326ad1d1207b60.js:3059
at o.EMBER_IMPROVED_INSTRUMENTATION.e.flaggedInstrument (vendor-e045f76605d11474c6326ad1d1207b60.js:3606)
at vendor-e045f76605d11474c6326ad1d1207b60.js:3059
at e._run (vendor-e045f76605d11474c6326ad1d1207b60.js:2480)

This is an image of the page from which the error is generated

Clicking the button generates the error. If however the user is logged into the Portal before clicking the link to the site, the page opens as expected without a login screen. Our Portal is behind a firewall, thus I can't provide a direct link.


Seems like an ember/open data framework issue related to Sites.




Jim Faron

UNS Energy

Tucson, AZ