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Feature Service Permissions regarding Related Records

Question asked by brendon.joyce on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by brendon.joyce

Hi all,


I've been setting up related records for my newer Collector maps that deal with Water Utility maintenance. I eventually found evidence (cannot for the life of me find it now) that in order to create related records, the feature service must give the user ability to Add & update features at minimum. I do not want people adding in hydrants/valves/etc because Collector makes it very easy for the non-technically inclined to either create or move around my infrastructure.


• What kind of editing is allowed?

This is just for updating data within a point, changing the color based on pass/fail, then making a related record for the type of inspection (Since I can't change symbology from a related record). I have made a separate feature service for misc points where I won't care if they are on accident but can still get notes down and see me about necessary edits. Is there a way to create related records with the option for just "update features or update attributes?"