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ArcGIS Pro Field Calculator crash

Question asked by sj.sporik on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by tpcolson

At version 2.2.1, I am having consistent issues running the Field Calculator on a feature class joined to a geodatabase table.  These two objects are based within two separate file geodatabases.  The Field Calculation is simple, setting the value of a text field equal to the value of another text field from the joined table.  The Field Calculation completes, and then ArcGIS Pro crashes.  It appears that the map tries to refresh after the Calculation and that is when ArcGIS Pro crashes.  When I open the project again, the changes to the field have persisted.  This crash happens every time no matter whether I run the Field Calculator from the Attribute table, from within a configured Task, or from the Data Management toolbox.


There are null values in the field basing the Join.  So I have also tried unchecking "Keep All Target Features" so the calculation would theoretically skip those. 


Any troubleshooting tips would be helpful.