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Question related to the Raster tool

Question asked by baran.iscen on Aug 21, 2018



I face an issue with the Raster tool and would have liked to ask for some help here. Basically, I have Polylines that I want to convert to Raster. The spatial reference coordinate system is World Mercator (WGS 84).


I used the "Convert Polyline to Raster" tool. But the problem is that I expected to get an attribute table with all the cells (I defined the cell size as 1000) with values corresponding to the ID of the line crossing the cell... However, I get an attribute table with all values greater than zero and therefore not all the cells.


Thus, I wanted to ask if this was linked to the Coordinate System ? And if I need to re-define the project and use a system like Lambert Conic (Projection System)


Thanks a lot for your help,