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Workforce and Survey 1-2-3 Integration - survey not appearing in workforce assignment?

Question asked by craftyPhil on Aug 21, 2018
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Hi, I'm just playing around with Workforce & Survey 1-2-3 but can't seem to get the survey attached to an assignment to then appear in the assignment on the mobile device (iOS). I'm sure I've done something wrong but can't figure out what - any help appreciated -Kylie Donia's Blog - any ideas??


Here's what I've done.....


1) Created a simple survey called 'Manhole Survey'


2) Created a simple project in Workforce


3) In the 'Advanced' tab I've registered the Manhole Survey with the all assignments types in the project


4) Made sure that ID, GlobalID and Location fields are mapped to appropriate Survey questions (string text fields)


5) Created some assignments in the Workforce project


6) When I open the Workforce app (iOS) I see the assignment but when I click on it I don't see any link to open the 'Manhole Survey' / Survey 1-2-3 etc (which I was expecting?). [Note: I also have the Survey 1-2-app installed and have made sure the survey is downloaded to the device].


What am I doing wrong here?


Cheers Phil