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ArcGIS Pro's Pops Up Chart

Question asked by johanwong90 on Aug 21, 2018



I want to create a chart(lithology) for each point(borehole). Each point has several levels of depth showing different types of soil composition. The depth and soil types are stored in another table and the table is related to borehole with 1:M relationship.


I have tried the pop up chart but it seems like there’s a lot of problem:

(1) Only numeric fields are related, I need the soil types (text) to label/ classify each depth.  (correct me if I am wrong)

(2)Only support operations: count, min, max,sum … What about plotting with available data?

(3)The chart can’t be labelled / create legend?




A sample of lithology chart, I want to create something like this with the data below:


Table - Borehole ID (Pri. Key), Geo. Top and Geo. Base (Depth), Geology (Type of soil)


Boreholes with ID, Easting&Northing and other info.


Relation as shown in Chart Options (pops up).



Please recommend if other alternatives are available. These data are to be published on ArcGIS Portal.