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Related Table Charts (Can't select table)

Question asked by johanwong90 on Aug 21, 2018
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I want to create a lithology chart for every points (borehole) on map. I've tried using ArcGIS Pro's pops up chart, but there's a lot of problems and limitations? (Please advise if I am wrong, I will post the issue in another group) 


Then, I turn to Related Table Charts widget as the data are to be published on ArcGIS Portal. But in the widget configuration, I can't select a table related to layer (See image). I thought maybe widget doesn't accept widget with non-numeric fields (indicated below), so I deleted all the non-numeric fields. But still the same, can't select a table. 


I've created the layer in ArcGIS Pro by relating the two dataset.



I want to create something like this. 

My data (Borehole ID as Primary key)

Left: Type: Table      Right: Feature class


Please advice if there's any alternatives other than this widget.