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How to get variable/value from "select feat. iterator"

Question asked by woodrow on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by woodrow

I love GIS...


Especially when the answer or solution to my problem is just out of reach.

I am using Pro 2.2.1 and attempting to broaden my horizons using Model builder to automate a task that I will do multiple times over the course of our school year.


  • I have a point layer that I make an attribute selection on, and also holds the filed that will need to be updated with a variable from next step.
  • I have the ITERATE FEATURE SELECTION of a polygon layer and it is part of the SELECT BY LOCATION tool process - using Intersect

It is my thought that I could some how use the GET FIELD VALUE from the above polygon layer during that selection process. 

  • Final step (or so I thought) was to CALCULATE FIELD and update parent feature class.

current model



How do I get the CALC tool parameters met?

Being that my horizons are sufficiently broad enough to understand this process, maybe there is a better solution-would certainly like to solve with model - to prove old dogs just don't lay around.


Thank you