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Local Government 3D Basemaps Add-In

Question asked by deleted-user-Gsgyanz5Qddu on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by GvanMaren-esristaff

Hi everyone, 


I recently watched the webinar for Pro 3D Basemaps. The webinar used a downloadable package with prepared data, and tasks to follow. I would like to employ the same tasks just in my own ppkx file to creater a 3D Basemap. I downloaded the package off of the ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government page and installed the add in. If i deploy the Add-In in the downloaded Local Government ppkx file, I can access the tasks etc, and complete the 3D Basemaps process.When I go to deploy the ArcGIS solutions Add-In in my own ppkx file, the Pro session immediately crashes.  I am just wondering why I cannot use the add in in another project, or if it was only meant to be used in the provided Local Government 3D Maps ppkx ?


Any help would be much appreciated,