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Custom tool crashing with categories

Question asked by NJurko on Aug 16, 2018

Hi everyone.

Working with Advanced Desktop 10.4.1 and Spatial Analyst licence. 


I am writing a custom tool in an arcToolbox that guides a user through various steps including running a kriging interpolation (Spatial Analyst version).  Two variable are the semvariogram and the search radius options.  

When I add the semivariogram and search radius into any category it crashes ArcMap.  I open the tool and it crashes when I either try to open the category, or when I try and fill out the inputs.  get the "Serious application error" message.  If they are outside the categories it runs fine.  All my other parameters can be organized into categories without issue.


It's a really unusual bug and I haven't found any threads about it.  Any have an idea of how to fix this?





Here's the portion of the validation code:

def initializeParameters(self):
"""Refine the properties of a tool's parameters. This method is
called when the tool is opened."""

    self.params[0].category = "Setup FWI Calculations" #weather table
    self.params[1].category = "Setup FWI Calculations" #weather fields
    self.params[2].category = "Setup FWI Calculations" #station table
    self.params[3].category = "Setup FWI Calculations" #station fields
    self.params[4].category = "Setup FWI Calculations" #station ccord sys
    self.params[5].category = "Setup FWI Calculations" #start day
    self.params[6].category = "Setup FWI Calculations" #end day
    self.params[7].category = "Setup FWI Calculations" #starup bool
    self.params[18].category = "Setup FWI Calculations" #DEM raster

    self.params[12].category = "Kriging Parameters" #cell size
    self.params[19].category = "Kriging Parameters" #search radius
    self.params[20].category = "Kriging Parameters" #semivariogram

    self.params[8].category = "Optional Environment Setting" #mask
    self.params[9].category = "Optional Environment Setting" #extent
    self.params[10].category = "Optional Environment Setting" #output prj
    self.params[11].category = "Optional Environment Setting" #prj transform

    self.params[13].category = "Output" #symbols folder
    self.params[14].category = "Output" #scratch folder
    self.params[15].category = "Output" #output folder