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Trimble for GeoEvent - TAIP0xF2 messages

Question asked by tsellste Champion on Aug 16, 2018



I am implementing real-time position reporting from our Sierra Wireless gateways using the GeoEvent Server. I found an issue with TAIP LN - TAIP0xF2 message translator and posted the issue on github a while back, but have not gotten any response that would fix the issue.  The fix appears to be pretty simple.  Here is the link on github:  Incorrectly calculating the latitude · Issue #2 · Esri/trimble-for-geoevent · GitHub 


ESRI support suggested that I post this on geonet as it may be more visible.  It would be ideal for the translator to be fixed as ESRI is getting ready to release the TAIP connector on the GeoEvent gallery very soon.  I would be available to assist in any testing on our server as well.  Here is the link to the connector on the gallery: 


Thanks very much!