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Updating a Feature Service from Salesforce

Question asked by eshreve_azdema on Aug 16, 2018

I am currently working with Salesforce to create an application that updates an AGOL Feature Service that I currently have set up. This is the message that I am receiving from their developers when attempting to hit the service.


When i'm hitting the following server:


I'm getting the following response :Status=OK, StatusCode=200, which means they have received the request and they are processing it.


Can you check with the vendor, to accept the parameters, whenever i'm making a rest call with the valid parameters, if that's a new record, it needs to create a new record in GIS server, if the record is already there in the server and if we modify in the SARFORCE, they have to just modify the existing record with new parameters in their GIS server.


I am fairly new to the ArcGIS Rest API so any information would be appreciated.