WeCan Empower Your Voice at Esri UC 2018

Discussion created by MManasevit-esristaff Employee on Aug 16, 2018

One of the reasons WeCan started the Women's Geospatial Forum is the incredible response we received to the WeCan Empower Your Voice session at the Esri user conference this year.  WeCan's mission is to empower women at Esri to achieve their goals and build strong careers, but we quickly recognized the need to use our platform to empower women across the geospatial industry -- and where better to start than the Esri User Conference?!


We all know that so much of building a strong career comes down to having a voice in your organization.  This is a common topic of discussion in our bi-weekly WeCan meetings.  That's why we chose to have this session (our first-ever at the User Conference!) feature a panel of influential women from within the GIS community sharing how they speak up, share their opinions, seek and meet challenges, and empower the voices of others. Moderating and organizing this panel with Jennifer Bell and Jillian Foster (also on the WeCan Leadership Team) and the four inspiring panelists was one of the highlights of my career.  WeCan looks forward to hosting sessions at other upcoming Esri conferences... stay tuned!


If you missed the session, check out this article on the panel called Empowering Women’s Voices at Esri and Beyond that was just published today in ArcUser Magazine! 

Discussion questions:

  • Were you at the WeCan Empower Your Voice panel this year?
  • What was your favorite story or piece of advice from the panelists?
  • What topics or panelists should WeCan include in our sessions at future conferences?