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Layer Not Loaded

Question asked by nbkline on Aug 16, 2018

Hello All,


We are in the middle of our 10.6 Portal deployment and are trying to integrate Workforce and Collector. During preliminary testing of Collector, we have ran into a problem where we are unable to access maps when they are only shared with the organization or group. When the map is shared with everyone we can access the map and make/receive edits.


Our deployment:


  • Portal, Server and Datastore are all on their own VMs
  • Server is federated with Portal
  • Portal is set up with AD authentication
  • Portal and Server both have web adaptors
  • All VMs are behind our firewall
  • We are using a reverse proxy which is connected to our web server with the web adaptors on it
  • All SSL certs are current and not prompting errors


I have been working with tech support on this for almost a month and nothing has really come from it. Fiddler logs show that when the map is shared with everyone, everything works as intended. When the map is either unshared, shared in a group or shared with the organization, Fiddler shows that Collector is trying to tunnel to our web server via FQDN instead of using the reverse proxy address. When that happens, the error message pops up with "Layer Not Loaded. Unable to load layer _ from _. A server with the specified hostname could not be found".


All testing has been from my iPhone running the current version of Collector via our public wifi which cannot access anything behind our firewall. Can anyone lend some insight into this?