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Simple location editing

Question asked by Joed1211 on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by JTedrick-esristaff

I must be missing something... We created a basic survey to catalog health-related organizations in our community. Their location and details end up in a web app, then as one piece of a story map. Very straightforward. 


We pre-entered a bunch (~70) of organizations incorrectly that now have lat/lon values of 0,0 -- displayed off the west coast of Africa. This is a one-time error, but it's useful for planning. Once live, the survey responses will constantly need editing - an address was entered wrong, the geopoint question marks the pin at the wrong corner of the block, the hours they're open change, they serve a new population, etc. We need multiple, non-technical people to quickly access survey results and change them, plus occasional bulk editing or uploading (say at the startup for another community).


The survey was created and is only filled out through the Survey 123 website. It's not on mobile devices (no inbox feature) and it's not setup to work with the desktop version of Connect for ArcGIS. The only way I'm seeing to change our batch of incorrect addresses is by clicking individual points in the feature layer and dragging them to their correct location. Not easy going from Africa to Montana. The editing for text fields is also clunky for our non-technical users -- navigate through the ArcGIS online tabs to the feature layer, open the attribute table and correct the typo submitted in the form. Please help or point me to guides showing a better way.


So far it's seeming much simpler to use a standard form tool (JotForm or Google Forms), send results to a spreadsheet (Sheets or Excel Online), use an add-on to immediately geocode addresses, then another add-on to map results (Bing Maps or Awesome-Table). Of course the mapping is more featured with ArcGIS, but you can't beat the simplicity of giving a team a spreadsheet link for editing. Any other thoughts are appreciated.