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Data Source Registration Issues for Federated Image Server

Question asked by gbacon on Aug 16, 2018

We've federated an image server with our enterprise portal and I'm trying to publish an imagery layer from ArcGIS Pro 2.2.1. The folder containing the imagery has been registered with the server using a UNC path but the "Share as Web Layer" dialog analyzer is still saying the data source is not registered and data will be copied. Clicking the warning and choosing to open the "Manage Registed Data Stores" dialog and looking at the server's registered folder shows the correct path that I registered. However, clicking the warning and choosing to register the data source with server (which I shouldn't have to do) shows a drive letter instead of a full path. The ArcGIS Pro folder connection to the file geodatabase and its mosaic data set was also made using the full path, not a drive letter. Somewhere along the line, the full path seems to be lost and substituted by a drive letter. How can I fix this?