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Rematch Addresses

Question asked by madonnaaragon_GPSUNM on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by EAnderson-esristaff

Hello, your kindest help will be highly appreciated.

Please see the attachment picture for details with labels in red numbers.

I have a bunch of addresses (label #1) that I need to rematch. Is there an option that the map will not zoom out (label #5 and #11) every time I choose a new row (Label #10)?


Here's my steps to rematch an address:

Label # 1 = Click the row

Label # 2 = Click the geocoding layer

Label # 3 = Mouse over Data

Label # 4 = Click Rematch

Label # 5 = the map will zoom out

Label # 6 = zoom to the road 

Since the next row is just a neighbor, is there an option that once I repeat the steps from Label # 1 with the next row (Label #10), the map (Label #11) will not zoom out?

Or is there a better procedure on how to rematch an address?