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Touch screen doesn´t respond with Javascript API 3.25

Question asked by viri_go on Aug 14, 2018



I have a problem with an application that uses API 3.25, when we use it in a touch device (not mobile, only monitor computers) this doesn´t work with the pan or zoom using the fingers on the screen; this only occurs in Google Chrome. Previously, this worked fine and we don´t had any problem. We have another application that uses API 4.8 and this work fine. I have tried using:






map = new Map("map", 
center: [-95, 30],
zoom: 5,
basemap: "streets",
isPinchZoom: true


And this doesn´t work. This problem is related to Google Chrome? or is something related to the API? Could you help me please?


Thank you in advance.








We already identified that the problem is the Google Chrome update. The problem is in 68.0.3440.106 version, in previous releases there is not problem with touch screens.