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Unable to connect to Portal with Samsung Galaxy S5

Question asked by Magaly.Clement on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by Magaly.Clement

Hi !


I want to connect to my Portal in Collector.

It works fine on my personnel phone Wiko (Android).

With the same link, it doesn't work on my professionnal phone : Samsung (Android)

See the screenshots below :


Samsung, after registering the URL (

After registering the URL with the Samsung

Wiko, after registering the same URL:

After registering the URL with the Wiko


The two screens are differents ...


Samsung after "Poursuivre" :

Samsung error


Wiko connection is fine, I see my webmap...


Samsung collector :version 18.0.1, build 1031 same as Wiko

Connection works fine with AGOL account.


Any ideas ?

Thanks for help.



Portal 10.5.1