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Survey123 ios Bad Elf

Question asked by john.bickmore_waternsw on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by john.bickmore_waternsw

We are using Survey123 on an ipad and using a Bad Elf external GPS

The GPS is definitely connected to the ipad as i can see the position in the ios bad elf app

All documentation says that survey 123 will use the bad elf positioning however

the x y and accuracy are different in survey123

I am pulling data so that the x y and accuracy info is populating a field within the survey.  The accuracy in the survey is often 5 or 10 (no decimal places), however the bad elf is showing sub meter accuracy to 2 decimal places.

In the survey the x, y and accuracy are 'decimal' and I have copied the methodolgy for pulling data from the location -  pulldata("@geopoint", ${location},"horizontalAccuracy") 

I will hide the field so that the users cant see this discrepency but am concerned we have wasted our money on bad elfs if they are not being used within survey123

Has anyone else had survey123/ios/Bad Elf issues?