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ArcCatalog Commands - File GeoDatbase Mosaic Dataset

Question asked by tomas1 on Aug 13, 2018
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I have been looking at the ArcCatalog commands, looking for a context menu for mosaic datasets living in a file geodatabase.  I have been able to find any command (GUID (CLSID / ProgId)) that will let me insert my command into that particular context menu.  I have tried a number Context Menus for mosaic datasets but am unable to get catalog to recognize it.  Ones I have tried that have not worked include:


72F9CA09-7B3F-43E9-9C7A-724619CF4103 Context menu Mosaic Dataset Context Menu Gx_MosaicDatasetContextMenu


B1659FFD-DFDC-4F5C-9325-B4A357CA69C1 Context menu Enterprise Mosaic Dataset Context Menu Gx_EnterpriseMosaicDatasetItemContextMenu


448A958E-39E5-40CF-9E01-D520F83AE93B Enterprise Mosaic Dataset Context Menu Gx_EnterpriseMosaicDatasetContextMenu


I thought the first one in the list would be the correct one, but it is note being recognized.  I tried the 'enterprise' version on a lark, and as expected they do not work as well.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.