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Trouble accessing Enterprise portal

Question asked by Taimoor.Khan0 on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by Taimoor.Khan0

Hi, so I'm creating a mobile app using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt, and thus far I've been developing my application using ArcGIS online as a sort of playgrounds for development so that I can learn and get used to Qml and the ArcGIS SDK and api. Now, I feel as if I have enough experience to start using the enterprise portal for my company to leverage that data in my application, and I'm having trouble loading the actual web map from enterprise. The map is hosted on the company's servers, and I'm guessing that the Android emulator that I'm using doesn't have access to the web map as the emulator is in a different environment then the laptop itself, so I'm having issues going through the firewall.


When I was using ArcGIS online and OAuth 2.0, I was able to get the web log in page, log in and view data from the online portal, but I'm guessing since the enterprise server is hosted different that I cannot go about this in the same process. I'm also pursuing whatever options I have with regards to the emulator, but any help or ideas would be appreciated.