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Microsoft Flow & Survey123 login prompt

Question asked by Koelker12 on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by Koelker12

It appears the ability to login to ArcGIS Online when setting up a Survey123 trigger in Microsoft Flow has been lost:


A few weeks ago I set up a Microsoft flow trigger with Survey123 to send out an email whenever a new survey was submitted. The setup was easy and the trigger still works perfectly. However, today I went in to edit the email that is sent, and found that I had lost access to the dynamic content ability that lets you insert fields from the survey into the email text with a click. I'm sure I can still write it out in HTML (@{triggerBody()['feature']['attributes']['fieldname']) etc, but the one-click was nice. I figured the "Flow" had forgot my ArcGIS login, so I went to create a new flow using a Survey123 trigger and was never prompted to login to ArcGIS online - which means no surveys to choose from my content, and no dynamic content. Again, I think I can just type in the item ID of feature service attached to the survey here -- and it will work -- but I'm curious if anyone else is having this issue, and if there is a fix or it is a bug that needs to be addressed. It all worked perfect only a few weeks ago, and I was so impressed!


I've seen the same issue on Chrome and Firefox, and have restarted/cleared cookies/etc. 


No prompt to login, and no surveys in dropdown


Dynamic content still shown in text body on left, but no option to add new dynamic content on right