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ArcGIS Portal - Export to FGDB location

Question asked by generalSurvey on Aug 13, 2018
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I'm having some issues with potentially "garbage" files. I am exporting large amount of data with attachments to FGDB using the portal web platform. The tool works as intended most of the time but it does happen time to time to give off an error.


This is quite usual because we have storage issues most of the time as you can see.

The problem would not be that we have the error, because usually they are repaired by deleting a few files or adding more storage and trying again. 


The situation i just encountered is having about 6GB of storage in C:/ , trying to export to FGDB and even though it gave off an error and i deleted the filegeodatabase resulted. I remained with 0 bytes storage in C:/


This means that somewhere, there are "junk" files that need cleaning up. From what i have seen, when i export my feature service to FGDB, some files store in C: temporarely and then move into the X: partition where the datastore and server files are:



Where is the processing job to convert from feature service to FGDB take place and i can clean it up safely?


If i missed some critical information, please ask away and i will respond with whatever you need.