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Creating a shapefile with rhumb lines?

Question asked by mikestacey82 on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

I was wondering what the procedure is for creating a polygon (and/or a polyline) in ArcGIS, using a set of points based on coordinates in a csv file, and having the segments between the points represented by rhumb lines - thus accommodating for the earth's curvature. 


I am in a geographic coordinate system (NAD83) add 4 points from a csv file using lats/longs.  I then want to create rectangular shaped shapefile, where the north and south boundaries of the shapefile are parallel with lines of latitude, with the 4 vertices defined by 4 points from a csv file. 


Once the points have been created, I normally use the 'Draw Polygon' tool in the 'Drawing' pulldown to create a polygon and then save it as a shapefile.  I then edit the shapefile and snap the vertices to the points. 


Next, say I want to use this shapefile in a map with a projected coordinate system, I'd like to see the north and south boundaries of the shapefile I just created to follow the curvature of the lines of latitude, but instead they show up as straight lines.  The shape changes, to more like a square, which is normal, but the lines segments between the vertices don't bend to match the lines of latitude.


How do I overcome this?  What is the best way to have create a shapefile that will bend to match a projected coordinate system?  Thanks for any help or suggestions.