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Can you set a default extent in an app (story map) to a map bookmark?

Question asked by atothgwe on Aug 10, 2018

I have a Story Map Series - Bulleted - that is embedded with Story Map Journals for each bullet. The Map Journals all reference the same Crowdsource Polling app, providing details on three site locations that can be voted on. I have bookmarks set to the site location extents in the web map from which the Crowdsource Polling app was created.


What I want to achieve is to have each Story Map Journal have a default extent that corresponds to a different web map bookmark. However, bookmark widgets are not available in the crowdsource polling app. And each time I save a Story Map Journal with the desired extent, it overwrites the extent saved in the other Journal apps.


I'm concerned that by adding that extra crowdsource polling app layer to the overall story map inception hierarchy, I have broken my ability to reference bookmarks in the underlying web map. 


Has anyone else encountered this or know of a solution?

Many thanks.