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Is it true ArcGIS for AutoCAD won't run on Windows 10?

Question asked by KleinmannR_AyresAGO on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by KleinmannR_AyresAGO

The System Requirements listed for ArcGIS for AutoCAD V 370 are as follows:

Windows operating system

Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise; Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium

Windows Vista Enterprise, Business, Ultimate, or Home Premium (SP1 or later)

Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Home edition (SP3)


There is no mention of Windows 10 or saying Windows 8 or newer etc.


Has anyone successfully ran ArcGIS for AutoCAD on Windows 10?

Are there plans to support Windows 10 which launched back in 2015?