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bug:  popup outline is mis-shapen in ArcGIS Online but works fine in 3.25 sandbox

Question asked by kmsagis on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by kmsagis

Adding a polygon layer to ArcGIS , enable its popup and click it. The outline is way off and misaligned and warped in shape. Works fine in the 3.25 sandbox though. Thus it would seem AGOL introduced a geometry simplification issue. One solution Esri could use to rectify it would be to re-draw it on a zoom-in event so that the geometry could be simplified at small scale and re-drawn with more vertices if zoomed in to.


Anyone else seeing this? Looks like a severe AGOL bug.  I also saw the effect on services from our 10.51 and 10.61 servers, both from SDE in state plane and a GDB in web mercator respectively. 


Waiting to hear from AGOL support team.