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Enterprise Custom Symbology in Collector Offline

Question asked by ageojonesNSAR on Aug 9, 2018

I have an ArcGIS Pro project set up to publish a feature layer with custom symbology (feature templates are created for each layer). I can publish the service without issue to both AGOL and ArcGIS Enterprise (hosted on Azure) and the symbology shows up on the portal/agol webmaps.


The issue is that when I build a collector webmap (with editing enabled and set to work offline). I can take the Webmap offline successfully from both AGOL and Enterprise but in Enterprise/Portal the custom point symbology does not show up at all, in fact those point symbols do not show up as editable layers.


I have configured Enterprise to use the offline basemaps from the offline group and given AGOL credentials mapped which all works but the offline custom symbology not working is a show stopper.


Any workarounds or solution would be greatly appreciated.