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Kafka Transport 10.6 from GitHub - Geoevent 10.6 trouble

Question asked by Morten.Grudegeodata-no-esridist Employee on Aug 9, 2018

RJ Sunderman Josh Joyner



I have runned the Kafka Transport for 10.5 on both Geoevent 10.5 and 10.6 with success for a while and wanted to uppgrade the Transport to 10.6. Downloaded from GitHub and compiled  the Kafka-Transport-10.6.0.jar. Deployed it to the Geoevent server and created an input - connector.  Confirgured the connector like the 10.5 - No data recieved. Restarted service and in the end the server it selves. 


Could it be something  in my Maven/JRE  setup? ( No direct errors when running mvn  install - See attached picture ) 

Or is something gone sideways in the GitHub project?.