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Web AppBuilder Log-in Re-direct to My Contents Page

Question asked by allenallen on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by allenallen

I have a WAB application that I built for field staff to access with a mobile web browser (chrome).  When I share the URL for the WAB application it works fine if I use it on my desktop PC.  However, when I click the link on my mobile phone, it opens in Chrome, prompts for my login, then after I enter my credentials, it brings me to my organization page/my content webpage, instead of loading the map.  I don't have the "desktop site" option checked in chrome mobile browser.


I was finally able to get my map to load by clicking on the WAB application from the my contents page on my mobile browser.  So I bookmarked it to my phones home screen.  The next time I clicked on the bookmark, it prompted me to log in, then did the same thing and re-directed me to the my contents page instead of opening the map.


any thoughts?