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Creating a monthly/yearly report template for watershed patrols

Question asked by Trainor on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by JTedrick-esristaff

We have been building a Watershed Report survey with Survey123 for ArcGIS to be used during our watershed patrols. The form has been built with the help from a few folks at ESRI. I have made some minor changes to the form and have also created a report template that works for the most part for each time the user does his patrol. Our issue is that we also need to produce a monthly report as well as a yearly report template of the activities which include the number of people, number of machines(other) etc. The watershed patrol report has the option for repeats for example: Lets say I'm in section 1 and during my patrol I witness 5 activities like ATV's, MT Biking, Fishing, Drinking and Camping. We also need to note the number of people we saw with that particular activity. So 5 ATVers w/5 people, 3 MT Bikers w/3 people, 1 person fishing, 5 people drinking and 2 people camping. The monthly/yearly report template needs to reflect this information.


Its possible to see more activities during a patrol or sometimes depending on the time of year we may not see anyone. I have attached a PDF version of a Patrol Report summary that goes from January 1 2004 to June 6 2018 this is what we are trying to recreate from the survey but unfortunately we are having a difficult time trying to create the report template. 


Thanks in advance for any help, tips or direction....


Todd Hill